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Our duo excels at easy listening background music for a chilled atmosphere such as pre-reception gatherings, classy relaxed cocktail parties, a house warming, or even wedding ceremonies, playing your favourite song to walk down the aisle to.

We can perform totally live in acoustic format using live looping where the music is created on the spot with drum loops, looped bass lines, layered acoustic guitar, electric lead guitar, and synthesizer sounds all combined from just one backing musician to create the soundscape of a full band. Exquisite female vocals are then added as icing on the cake. Hearing us perform like this is "the real deal" .....quality music made by talented musicians with a unique acoustic twist on popular tunes.

We alternatively offer the option to perform with professional quality backing tracks if you your aim is to fill the dance floor with party music and hear the songs as originally recorded.

Here is a promo video of us performing with backing tracks.

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